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Hadham Refectory Tables

The Hadham Refectory table was originally designed for my own kitchen with a scrubbed oak surface. The legs are based on Egyptian lotus temple pillars and I use it associated with my Lotus dining chair and other bespoke pieces of furniture and doors designed to compliment the Egyptian theme. The table is of strong construction and with a slatted top most suitable for a garden table. The legs at each end are joined by a semi circular brace which are joined by a stretcher running the length of the table. This provides foot room all around the table, If more room is needed at the ends the table top can be extended to suit.
The Hadham Refectory tables are made to order according to your specification. You also have a choice of slatted or solid tops for outside or inside dining. Round top ends can be made too. The dining table is 72 cms high.


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