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Wheelbarrow Seats & Wheelbarrow Chairs

These wheel barrow seats and chairs are highly portable and provide ideal means of transporting your tools, and perhaps a gin and tonic, to the herbaceous border and back to the potting shed. The wheel is of a traditional construction using seasonal hardwood and a flat metal tyre. The wheelbarrow chair is ideally suited to those who like to 'work' alone!.

Available in 5 different designs : Slatted, Chinoiserie (standard & heavy back), Indian Lattice, Leagrave and Hatfield.


Garden Furniture - Slatted Wheelbarrow Seat
Slatted Wheelbarrow Seat, unpainted

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Garden Furniture - Slatted Wheelbarrow Chair

Slatted Seat


Slatted Chair

Garden Furniture - Chinoiserie Wheelbarrow Seat


Garden Furniture - Chinoiserie Wheelbarrow Chair

Chinoiserie Seat


Chinoiserie Chair


Indian Lattice Seat


Indian Lattice Chair

Garden Furniture - Hatfield Wheelbarrow Seat


Garden Furniture - Leagrave Wheelbarrow Seat

Hatfield Seat


Leagrave Seat


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