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All our Iroko and Oak garden furniture is individually crafted and made in England

Other   Products

The following products are offered by companies in our group

Copper Labels
Professional copper labels with
character punches & Jig
Permanent Garden Labels
Alitags are Truly Permanent Plant Labels that Outlast Plastic Labels by Decades. Our garden labels are made from special Aluminium, and Copper, Teak & Bamboo. You can write on our labels with pencil. Both labels and writing will last for many years. For our ballpoint-pen copper labels, you can engrave them with a ballpoint-pen. We also have Professional Aluminium and Copper Labels which can be punched with character punches and jig.
Bamboo Labels Aluminium Labels
Bamboo Tags & Aluminium Tags
Bronze Geese
Large pair of Geese
Bronze Sculptures and Ornaments
You will be able to view over 300 bronze sculptures including Animals (Cats, Dogs, Deer, Pigs, etc);  Birds (Herons, Cranes, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, etc); Fish-Frogs and Reptiles; Classical Figures and Orientals (Boys, Girls, Buddha, Dragons, etc) and Mythical figures.
Bronze Girl Reading Book
Girl Reading Book
Bamboo Cloches
Bamboo Cloches
Other unusual garden products
Gifts and Gardens has
a collection of unusual Garden Accessories and Garden-Oriented Gifts including Bamboo Cloches, Apple Pickers, Topiary Frames in animal shapes, Windchimes, Garden Signs, Keyrings, Stone Toadstools, Stone Lanterns and Candle Lanterns.

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